Minimalist Shell-Like Mice

Minimalist Shell-Like Mice
Mar 2023

A new wireless mouse prototype from Fabio Verdelli Design Studio has been unveiled, and it is sure to appeal to minimalists everywhere. The ergonomic peripheral is shaped like a pebble, featuring vertical sand-colored grooves and a translucent exterior shell. The scroll wheel is slightly elevated for tactile feedback, and the front and rear borders are strongly angled inward to resemble a large vehicle, like an SUV. The mouse boasts a sci-fi aesthetic with reflective elements designed to "mislead you through a multiple play of refractions."
Although Verdelli's DUNE mouse is still only a prototype, interested parties can look at some of his current works, including a Jellyfish pushpin that holds images without punching holes in them.
Image Credit: Fabio Verdelli Design Studio, hypebeast, fabioverdelli