Mirrored-Detailed Garden Cafes

Mirrored-Detailed Garden Cafes
Art & Design
Feb 2023

Thai design studio IDIN Architects introduces a series of minimal structures that take on the shape of pavillions for Bangkokj's Nana Coffee Roasters. It features mirrored mosaic ceilings for an in-depth design and it is also added to reflect the gardens that surround the space. It is located in the Bangna district and it is meant to slow customers down as an oasis space along a busy road.

The studio explains that "The main buildings in the front [of the site] are the result of maintaining continuity in the roofline with the existing building, which extends into three masses where the Speed Bar and indoor seats are located. Green areas of the landscape infiltrate the gaps between these masses and flow into the interior with the use of reflective glass mosaics on the ceiling."

Image Credit: IDIN Architects